Diabetes pill could see end of injections

The quest for oral insulin has been ongoing for decades, but finding an oral replacement to daily insulin injections has proven extremely difficult. However, a new pill that could cause an end to daily injection of insulin for diabetics is almost at the human trials stage.
A new pill, created by scientists in the employ of the Indian Government at a medical science and technology institute in Kerala, has proved successful in animal testing and now just needs approval to proceed to human trials.
The pill uses nanoparticles to allow the insulin to be delivered into the blood of diabetes patients. Professor Chandra Sharma reportedly commented: “We have already developed the capsule form of the insulin. We have already tried it on pigs and rats.”
Research manager at Diabetes UK, Dr. King, was reported in the news as commenting: “This research, however, is still in its early stages and has been tested in animals, therefore further studies establishing the medication’s suitability and safety for use in people with diabetes who use insulin would be needed.”

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