Diabetes protection from larger bottom

According to a recent diabetes study, having a large rear and hips could actually increase health benefits and protect against diabetes .
A research team found that the type of fat that accumulates about the hips and buttocks, rather than around the stomach could help to protect against diabetes development . However, the type of fat that collects around the stomach, known as visceral fat, does greatly increase risk of diabetes development.
Those people with subcutaneous fat, which collects just under the skin, could find an increased sensitivity to insulin, a hormone that helps to regulate blood glucose levels. The research was published in the journal Cell Metabolism.
Dr. Kahn was reported as commenting: “The surprising thing was that it wasn’t where the fat was located, it was the kind of fat that was the most important variable. Even more surprising, it wasn’t that abdominal fat was exerting negative effects, but that subcutaneous fat was producing a good effect. Animals with more subcutaneous fat didn’t gain as much weight as they got older, had better insulin sensitivity, lower insulin levels and were improved all around.”

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