New sensor makes diabetes and exercise clearer

UK diabetes charity Diabetes UK have funded a Southampton study that investigates using a under-the-skin sensor to monitor people with diabetes to examine how physical activity affects blood glucose levels .
The trial will be the first of its type in the UK, and study how exercise levels impact on blood glucose, taking into account diet and insulin . The aim of the study is to develop new treatment pathways for type 1 diabetes .
Head of endocrinology and metabolism at Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust, Professor Byrne, reportedly commented: “At the moment, it is uncertain how day-to-day variation in physical activity influences blood glucose in people with Type 1 diabetes. But thanks to the introduction of sophisticated, light, user-friendly monitoring devices, such as the two we are trialling, we will gauge a better understanding of the link between physical activity and glucose control in diabetes . People with diabetes need help to understand the powerful influence of physical activity and exercise on glucose control and how it can play an essential part in avoiding the complications diabetes can bring.”

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