According to a press release, diabetes patients throughout the UK and Ireland will be given access to incredible new technology that mimics the operation of a human pancreas. According to reports, the device will be able to suspend insulin delivery to people with diabetes, lowering severity of blood sugar declines.

The device – the Medtronic Paradigm VeoTM System – is a groundbreaking piece of technology that combines continuous glucose monitoring and insulin pump therapy with a unique new way to delay insulin delivery should blood glucose levels fall too low. The device therefore protects diabetics against hypoglycaemia – whether they are on the move, asleep, or unable to take action.
Hypoglycaemia is both common and extremely serious. Frequent uncontrolled hypoglycaemia can cause loss of consciousness, seizure, coma and in some cases death. Angela Wise, a type 1 diabetic who tested the Paradigm Veo System, was reported in the press release as commenting: ” Injecting insulin to combat diabetes is like walking a tight rope. I know keeping my blood sugar at the right level is essential to prevent a heart attack or going blind. I have a problem with hypoglycaemic events in that recently I’ve lost my warning signs, so the new device is a little package of peace of mind. I can now relax without fear of a hypo while keeping my diabetes under better control.”

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