Diabetes drug could cause pancreas problems

According to researchers from the University of California, diabetes drug Sitagliptin (commonly sold as Januvia ), could cause abnormalities in the pancreas . These abnormalities are regarded as risk factors for pancreatitis, and could even cause pancreatic cancer amongst long-term users.
Januvia is a type 2 diabetes drug that enhances glucagon function. The drug is prescribed due to being effective in lowering blood sugar levels amongst people with type 2 diabetes .
The lead investigator of the study, Peter Butler, reportedly commented: ” Type-2 diabetes is a lifelong disease – people often take the same drugs for many years, so any adverse effect that could over time increase the risk for pancreatic cancer would be a concern. A concern here is that the unwanted effects of this drug on the pancreas would likely not be detected in humans unless the pancreas was removed and examined.”

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