Syringe installation to raise diabetes awareness

Raising diabetes awareness could be the key to preventing the massive rise forecast in diabetes patients in the next decade. In Australia this weekend, 15,000 syringes were planted in a bid to raise awareness about juvenile diabetes .
Type 1 diabetes is a particularly acute problem in Australia, where the rate of type 1 diabetics is one of the highest in the world. The syringe installation is supposed to represent the average number of insulin injections required by a diabetes patient during his or her lifetime.
Jodi Mckay the science minister reportedly commented: “This is very much about raising awareness about something that we don’t know much about, we need to find a cure for this. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is committed to that. We have 8,500 young people who have diabetes – we know that within the next three years there’ll be 12,000 young people.”

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