Child diabetes explosion in SE Asia imminent

According to the president of the International Diabetes Federatio, diabetes in children will explode in South East Asia. The majority of cases, Jean Claude Mbanya commented, would be in India, the country now considered the undisputed diabetes capital of the world.
Mbanya declared Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre and Madras Diabetes Research Foundation as an IDF Centre for Excellence in Education. He was reported in diabetes news as commenting: “Children eat the fried food and drink soft drinks with fizz and sit before a computer after school. Now, type II diabetes in children are also going up. Four out of five people with diabetes in the world are going to be in developing countries in the future. India and China are on the top order for diabetes prevalence, and countries like Ghana, Mauritius, Tonga and others are catching up.”
Mbanya reportedly added: “Fifty per cent of this money is spent in the USA, while only three per cent is spent in developing countries. Developing countries spend more money on HIV, but very less on diabetes which kills four million people a year.”

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