One in five patients with diabetes are morbidly obese

According to a recent diabetes study, one in every five patients with type 2 diabetes are morbidly obese or more than 100 pounds overweight . The diabetes research, conducted by Loyola University, found that 20.7 per cent of type 2 diabetes are morbidly obese with 62.4 patients at least 30 pounds overweight.
Obesity and type 2 diabetes have often been linked, with numerous research studies showing how excess weight increases diabetes risk . However, in the intervening period between early research and now, morbid obesity rates amongst adults have shot up some 141 per cent.
Dr. Holly Kramer was reported in diabetes news as commenting: “The rate of morbid obesity among people with diabetes is increasing at a very alarming rate, and this has substantial public health implications.”

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