Action must be taken to stop diabetes

Of the many alarming facts to come from the International Diabetes Federation World Diabetes Congress, the threat of a global diabetes population of 440 million people is looming by the year 2030. President Jean Claude Mbanya of Cameroon was reported in diabetes news of raising his concerns and calling for action to be taken to stop the spread of diabetes throughout the world.

He reportedly commented: “We have just released the dismal news that some 285 million people live with diabetes today. Our data show that the low and middle-income countries, where 4 out of every 5 people with diabetes will soon to be found, are bearing the brunt of the disease. The men and women most affected are of working age – the breadwinners of their families. Diabetes is now a development issue that threatens to undermine economies.”
Mbanya reportedly continued: “It will not be easy, but it is a battle that we will all have to fight. Our choice is simple. Either we spend all our time mopping the floor, or we get up and turn off the tap.”

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