Diabetes during pregnancy should be treated

According to diabetes news, diabetes that develops during pregnancy should be treated, no matter how mild it is. This type of treatment helps both mothers and babies from gaining weight, according to new research. In the past, the mildest cases of gestational diabetes were often left relatively untreated.
According to reports, those women who did treat their diabetes had less large babies, fewer caesarean births, and fewer complications in pregnancy. Dr. Mark Landon of Ohio State University Medical Center in Columbus was reported in diabetes news as commenting: “There is every reason to fully treat women with even the mildest (gestational diabetes) based on our results.”
The conclusions of the study are clear – women should be tested for gestational diabetes and treated from the earliest possible moment. The study involved almost 1000 mothers with mild gestational diabetes . Most mild cases would be treatable using diet and exercise, rather than insulin .

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