Hypo affects more diabetics than previously thought

According to a survey commissioned by leading diabetes charity Diabetes UK, type 2 diabetes sufferers are experiencing far more hypoglycaemic episodes ( low blood sugar levels) than previously thought. Of the 2,000 people surveyed, over 50% had experienced a hypo in the two weeks preceding the study.
With other news last week showing a 145,000 per annum rate of diagnosis, and a total diabetic population of 2.6 million, the figures were particularly alarming. Low blood sugar is often heralded by symptoms including shaking, sweating, tingling sensations, pallor, increased pulse rate, feelings of irritation and confusion.
Dr. Brian Karet, a medical advisor for Diabetes UK, was reported as commenting: “It is a lot more common than is often recognised especially these days when we are encouraged to put people on multiple medications. The modern sulphonylureas are actually quite powerful and if they are prescribed along with other drugs this is going to be an increasing problem.”

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