Weight loss for diabetes prevention should be promoted

According to a report covered yesterday in the diabetes news, making a lifestyle intervention at an early stage could be more effective than drugs in preventing the onset of type 2 diabetes . The power of lifestyle interventions to prevent diabetes should be promoted.
The study, which was reported on yesterday on and published in The Lancet, came about as part of a follow-up on the Diabetes Prevention Program. This trial sought to randomise at-risk of diabetes patients using either lifestyle interventio, diabetes drug metformin or a placebo.
Primary care advisor to Diabetes UK, Dr. Brian Karet, was reported as commenting: ‘It’s probably easier for some people to swallow a pill than put on a lyrca suit and go to the gym. But it’s quite easy to achieve things such as walking upstairs instead of taking the lift. If you reduce your weight you reduce your risk of diabetes – simple as that.’

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