Medicine for diabetes has cancer role

A well known diabetes medication has a role to play in treating cancer . Metformin can seek out and destroy cancerous cells that create tumours. As many as two million diabetic people in the UK already take Metformin for their type 2 diabetes .
Metformin, according to new research, has impressive cancer-fighting potential. Research conducted by Harvard Medical School in the US found that when mice were given the drug their tumours were virtually eliminated. The research was published in the journal Cancer Research .
The researchers reportedly commented: “Drugs that selectively target cancer stem cells offer great promise for cancer treatment, particularly in combination with chemotherapy. The combination of metformin and doxorubici, a well-defined chemotherapeutic drug, kills both cancer stem cells and non-stem cancer cells in culture, and reduces tumour mass and prolongs remission much more effectively than either drug alone in a mouse model.”

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