Premature births down to diabetes

According to diabetes news today, a recent study that analysed 90,000 births over a 25 year period found that the number of premature births has climbed. The increase may be down to diabetes, with high blood pressure also identified as a major factor.
The increase in cases of diabetes is underlain by a significant increase in pre-diabetes cases. The researchers indicate that this alone may have caused the increase from 54 to 63 per 1,000 births. The research team hope that a better understanding of the trends and causes behind premature births could help to develop more efficient treatments for mothers expecting babies.
Professor Jane Norman at the University of Edinburgh was reported as commenting: “The increase in diabetes as a factor in premature births is also interesting and may be because there are more women with pre-existing diabetes – which is linked to obesity – as well as better diagnosis of expectant mothers with gestational diabetes .”

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