Type 2 diabetic women face heartbeat risk

According to diabetes news today, women with type 2 diabetes face over a 25% likelihood of developing atrial fibrillatio, an irregular heartbeat that can cause a risk of death. According to the report, the incidence was 3.6% amongst diabetics, compared to 2.5% for those without diabetes. The study will be published in the October issue of Diabetes Care.
Author of the study, Gregory Nichols, reportedly commented: “We found that people with diabetes have about a 44 percent higher prevalence of atrial fibrillation. When we stratified the data by sex, the association was still elevated for men — but not statistically significant — but for women, it was still statistically significant.”
Another expert in the field, Dr. Weintraub, pointed to a variety of causes: “In people with diabetes, the cluster of other cardiac risk factors, like obesity and hypertensio, increases the risk of atrial fibrillation.”

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