Ban on trans fats urged to reduce number of heart attacks

A new Harvard research report states that trans fats increase levels of bad cholesterol.
It also says that trans fats are related to diabtes, weight gain, irregular heartbeat, death from coronary disease and heart attacks.
Harvard experts confirmed that the risk is far higher per calorie eaten than any dietary macronutrient, including saturated fat.
The average consumption rates of trans fats in so called developed nations is usually 2% to 4% of total calorie intake. However, this figure could be 8% amongst lower socio economic groups.
The authors forecast that reducing overall consumption of trans fats in England by 1% would mean 11,000 fewer heart attacks every year and 7,000 fewer deaths.
Trans fats are chemically changed vegetable oils which prolong the shelf life of multiple foods, without adding anything by way of nutritional value.
Trans fats are to be found in foods like pastries, cakes, chips, pies and fast foods. In the USA to date trans fats have been banned in New York and California . The Harvard team have called for a ban on trans fats throughout the USA. In terms of Europen, Switzerland, Denmark and Austria have banned them.

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