Diabetes patients could benefit from e-consultations

According to groundbreaking diabetes healthcare research, e-consultations could dramatically improve speed of treatment and results via GPs. The relatively new record-sharing system could enable doctors to access medical records.
One of the GPs piloting the initiative, Dr. Shahid Ali, reportedly commented: “The e-consultation system is of huge benefit to the patient as it reduces the time they have to wait for a decision from a consultant, which makes them feel much more secure about their health . It also allows consultants to make more informed decisions because they are able to have full sight of the patient’s record. In my mind this initiative is all about further improving the quality of care diabetes patients receive.”
Meanwhile, the regional director of public health at NHS Yorkshire and the Humber, Paul Johnstone, reportedly commented: “We are always looking for new and innovative ways of treating patients in our region — ideas that benefit both the patient and the NHS. This system further improves care by ensuring swift advice and results for patients and provides value-for-money for the NHS. In short, e-consultations provide a quick and efficient way of providing better care for less.”

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