India facing diabetes epidemic

A recent survey indicates that the prevalence of diabetes in rural areas of India could be between 8 and 10 per cent. Previously, it was well known that diabetes in urban Indian areas was a serious issue, but it appears that the epidemic has now spread to the countryside.
Chennai-based diabetologist V. Mohan reportedly commented: “We did a study on diabetes prevalence and found that while it was around 12 per cent in urban areas, the prevalence in rural areas of Tamil Nadu was 8-10 per cent.”
The expert was speaking at a two-day conference organised by the Tamil Nadu Chapter of the Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India. India reportedly has some 50 million people with diabetes, with as many as 50 million more in a pre-diabetic state. Mohan reportedly continued:
“It is estimated that the country will have 87 million people with diabetes by the year 2030. India, therefore, has a huge problem of diabetes but the number of professionals to treat diabetes are still less.”

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