New Zealand politician calls for diabetes testing

According to diabetes news, a National Party MP has urged middle-aged Maori people to get tested for diabetes after revealing that he has been diagnosed with the condition. Tau Henare updated his Facebook page to reveal that he has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes .
Henare reportedly commented on his attempts to give up smoking, saying it “was going better then I expected with the aid of Champix and remember I told you all that I had to go for a diabetes test, well that was positive so I’ve got diabetes, man sometimes you can’t win”.
Henare reportedly continued: “Everything’s okay apart from the diabetes, that’s most probably because I like cakes and sweet things.” He posted on Facebook: “You know, the amazing thing is I didn’t even know and still don’t know what the symptoms of diabetes are. That’s why the blood test is so important.”
Henare called for people to get diabetes check ups.

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