A diabetes expert has warned that those suffering from diabetes should take extra care if they are fasting over Ramadan. Although fasting can have varying effects on diabetics, they should be aware what type of diabetes they have, and also the impact that fasting can have on those with the disease.
Dr Mohamed Milad, a specialist at the Diabetes Clinic, Al Khor Hospital in Doha, said that diabetes patients should be cautious about their health and consider if fasting is advisable for them. He warned that diabetics with normal blood pressure and who use insulin less frequently can fast under extreme caution, but recommended that they maintain their blood sugar levels for three months prior to fasting, and only take two doses of insulin each day.
Milad said “Diabetes patient should make sure to consult a doctor before deciding on fasting. Patients who suffer from Diabetes type I, and are heavily dependent on insulin injections should not fast. Also those diabetes patients with renal and cardiac problems or have stroke either in the heart or brain should refrain from fasting. This applies to pregnant and lactating women with diabetes.”
During fasting, diabetics should monitor their blood sugar level throughout, and those who feel their blood sugar level drop should drink juices or sweetened water immediately and not continue the fast.
He pointed out that people with diabetes should also avoid eating too much at Suhor and Iftar, as this could lead to weight gain and high blood sugar levels.

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