A new study has found that a vitamin in Marmite could be able to help prevent heart diseases and be a potential new treatment for diabetes . The research also revealed that a derivative of vitamin B1, benfotiamine, may speed up the healing of tissue after heart damage .
The study, carried out at Bristol University and published in the Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology, showed that a synthetic form of vitamin B1 may prevent this process from occurring, perhaps through the removal of the toxins in glucose that can damage cells in the heart.
Paolo Madeddu, who led the study, commented “Supplementation with benfotiamine from early stages of diabetes improved the survival and healing of the hearts of diabetic mice that have had heart attacks, and helped prevent cardiovascular disease in mice with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes .”
The charity Diabetes UK, which funded the research, has cautioned people suffering from diabetes not to assume that taking vitamin B1 will help their condition, as the tests had only been done on mice so far.
Victoria King, head of research at Diabetes UK, said “We would like to note that it is still too early to draw any firm conclusions about the role of vitamin B1 in the prevention of complications and we would not advise that people look to vitamin supplements to reduce their risk of cardiovascular complications at this stage.”

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