Moderate treatment approach for type 2 diabetes management

Diabetes experts advise patients with type 2 diabetes to adopt a moderate approach to controlling blood sugar levels . Going too low could be as dangerous as going too high, and any fluctuations in blood glucose outside the normal levels can increase the risk of developing diabetes complications later in life.
The research was conducted by a team at Cardiff University, who said that people with type 2 diabetes should focus on oral drugs to increase bodily sensitivity to insulin. The researchers also cautioned that diet and exercise must be used alongside medication to keep blood sugar levels stable. The research team advised keeping blood glucose at an even level, without letting blood sugar get too high or too low.
Study author Craig Currie was reported as commenting: “Conventionally, doctors have always been told to drive down blood sugar levels as low as possible. It will come as a major surprise to many that taking people down too far appears to be quite risky.”

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