Lexicon diabetes drug hits mid-stage trial

According to international diabetes news, Lexicon Pharmaceuticals said that their experimental diabetes drug has hit all the main goals of its mid-stage trial. The news sent Lexicon shares soaring considerably during morning trade.
The drug, LX4211, reportedly showed an improvement in glycaemic control. The tests were statistically significant. Stephen Willey, an analyst, was reported in diabetes news as commenting: “Today’s results lay down the foundation for partnership talks … the primary care diabetes market is a huge opportunity for the company and they will have to partner the drug to send it across the finish line.”
The study involved some 36 patients with type 2 diabetes . The senior vice president of clinical development at Lexico, Philip Brow, reportedly commented: “The primary objective of the study was to verify the safety and tolerability of the drug, which we clearly met while the primary endpoint of the study was to show increase in 24-hour urinary glucose excretion.”

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