Despite suffering from diabetes, many young athletes are able to perform at a high level, a new study has found. Performance at sports suffered only slightly during hyperglycemia, if the condition is treated properly. It is recommended that the best way to raise blood sugar levels was to consume about 15–30 grams of a fast-acting carbohydrate, such as dextrose tablets, a sports drink or juice. These are useful for an athlete, as they are rapidly absorbed and help to replace glucose in the blood.
Research published in the International Journal of Paediatrics has revealed that, although the prowess of athletes can be affected by low levels of blood glucose, or hypoglycemia, it shouldn’t deter them from competing. Michael Riddell, lead researcher of the study, said “Our results show that those with diabetes can compete on equal ground provided they learn to manage their condition.”
However, the findings also pointed out that the degree of deterioration of sport performance does depend on the individual. Riddell argues that “This could be related to the level of blood glucose concentration, the rate at which glucose drops, and the individual’s capacity to maintain focus in the face of all these factors.
Any obvious issues with performance – poor passing, failed free throws and serves – that are really out of the ordinary should be a warning sign to check blood glucose levels and add carbohydrates.”

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