Diabetes expert from Leicester has been voted top GP

A diabetes expert, Professor Khunti, from Leicester was voted into the top 20 present-day doctors who have helped to shape the way general practice functions. The list was published in Pulse magazine, one of the top weekly medical publications in the UK . 50 leading GPs were asked to judge which of their colleagues was most admired.
Khunti has been a GP in Leicester for over 20 year but he has now focused on diabetes research and made strong advances in this field. GP David Gorrod was reported as saying: “It is a real fillip for Leicester to have such an auspicious and acknowledged figure such as Prof Khunti included in this list.”
The professor has attracted millions of pounds worth to develop a local diabetes research network. He also helped develop the diabetes education and self-management program Desmond. Patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes have been helped enormously by the self-education programme. He has also focused on major work on diabetes in the South Asian Community.

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