Greater responsibility urged or fight against diabetes will be lost in Emirates

Following a meeting of diabetes experts in the middle east, greater responsibility for your own health is key to stemming the diabetes epidemic . This, coupled with greater patient education and preventative measures, could be the only way to stem the booming diabetes population in the region.
Dr. Abdulrazzaq Ali al Madani of the Emirates Diabetes Society said that people need to take care of their own health, because type 2 diabetes can be triggered by both obesity and smoking . Dr. Al Madani called for greater education in schools and more time for children to exercise .
Dr. Al Madani reportedly commented: “People don’t exert themselves physically, they just go home and watch serials on TV. The problem is affecting children particularly. Children used to play in the street. Now they are on the couch in front of the PlayStation being fed sandwiches and juice.”
Diabetes is a particular problem in the Middle east, with an estimated one in every five Emiratis suffering from diabetes .

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