New diabetes approach in the Middle East

Following reported growing diabetes populations in the regio, experienced diabetes specialists from throughout the Middle East have gathered in Abu Dhabi to brainstorm diabetes awareness . The aim of the knowledge sharing session, known as DEVOTED, is to raise awareness and lower the burden of type 2 diabetes . Out of the six countries with the highest global diabetes rate, five are in this region.
The debate, which was organised by Sanofi-Aventis Middle East, was endorsed by the UAE Ministry of Health, the Emirates Diabetes Society and the Kuwait Diabetes Society. DEVOTED has been raising diabetes awareness in the Middle-East for years, spreading information and empowering healthcare professionals.
The Head of Emirates Diabetes Society, Dr. Abdulrazzaq A. Madani, reportedly commented: “Any kind of program to raise awareness for diabetes is to be commended, but here we have a great meeting of medical and ethical minds who, I am sure will make a significant contribution to managing this disease, which is now affecting around one in five Emiratis. To adopt this approach of exploring new avenues of education is a great initiative. It’s a very proactive, very hands-on and very astute way of getting the points across. It takes a lot of effort to make the information available, but it only becomes valuable when it is shared. We need more of these submissions, more involvement, more initiatives and an even greater effort to achieve better results,”

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