Could a vegan diet reverse type 2 diabetes

Some doctors and physicians believe that eating a vegan diet could help to reverse type 2 diabetes . Reversing and preventing health problems such as diabetes is a matter of eating the right diet and living the right lifestyle, according to some experts.
Dr. Neal Barnard, for instance, advocates eating a low-fat vegan diet to bring diabetes under control and poitentially reverse it. Dr. Barnard indicates that people with type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes accumulate abnormal fat inside muscle cells, leading to insulin resistance . Eating a diet high in fat can make this worse.
Barnard indicates that lowering dietary fat, particularly animal fat found in dairy, eggs and meat, could help to eliminate this fat. Part of the improvement is down to weight loss, and part down to the health benefits of the diet. By including diet and weight loss type 2 diabetes could be reversed or prevented, some experts believe.

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