Diabetes in the family could lead to greater weight gain

A diabetes related study conducted in Australia required test subjects to eat heavily on snacks with a high fat content. Those with a family history of diabetes tended to put on much more weight . The research, involving 40 people, required them to eat an extra 1,250 calories each month.
The participants in the Garvan Institute of Medical Research study all piled on the pounds. However, those with a family history of type 2 diabetes put on considerable amounts of additions weight.
Dr. Samocha-Boret was reported as saying: “We did expect to find those people who were susceptible to developing diabetes would have more adverse effects from overfeeding… but seeing they gained 1.2 kilograms on average (above) the other group was quite striking. The take-home message is quite positive because one can really avoid walking that path to the disease. You can’t do anything about (your genes) but you can definitely change your lifestyle … you can control your eating habits and exercise more.”

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