People with type 2 diabetes face increased risk of cancer

Research conducted by the German Cancer Research Centre indicates that people with diabetes face a higher risk of 24 different types of cancer . The study was the largest diabetes and cancer study in the world to date. People with diabetes do, however, face a lower rate of prostate cancer .
The researchers collaborated with experts in Sweden and the United States, carrying out the largest study ever on cancer risks amongst diabetics . The study covered 125,126 Swedish Citizens.
Correlations between less common forms of cancer and diabetes were discovered, the most significant elevation of risk being for pancreatic and liver cell cancers . The rate of this type of cancer was elevated by around 5 per cent compared to non-diabetics.
Regarding prostate cancer, Dr. Hemminki reportedly commented: “Right now, we can only speculate about the causes. Possibly, a lower level of male sex hormones in diabetics may be among the factors that are responsible for this.”

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