Processed meat ups diabetes risk by half

According to diabetes news, eating two rashers of bacon or a sausage each day could increase your risks of heart disease by around half. A recent study found that any meat that has been cured, salted or processed could further increase the risk of developing diabetes .
The study linked the chemical preservatives and salt used on most processed meat with the booming volumes of ill health experienced by many people. Obesity and type 2 diabetes are now rife, and processed meat is partly responsible.
The lead author of the Circulation published study, Renata Micha, reportedly commented: ‘This suggests that differences in salt and preservatives, rather than fats, might explain the higher risk of heart disease and diabetes . To lower risk of heart attacks and diabetes, people should consider which types of meats they are eating. Processed meats such as bacon, salami, sausages, hot dogs and processed deli meats may be the most important to avoid.’

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