Today sees the launch of a new weight loss device, the EndoBarrier, which tackles obesity without the need for surgery .
The EndoBarrier, from Elemental Healthcare, is a thin plastic sleeve which is inserted through the mouth whilst the patient is under anaesthetic and lines the small intestine; thereby acting as a close, non-surgical equivalent of a gastric bypass. The barrier therefore reduces the amount of calories which the body would usually be able to absorb.
The EndoBarrier will be available from the NHS on a trial basis. Up to 60 people, with type 2 diabetes and a BMI between 30 and 50 will have the chance to benefit from the procedure.
In previous trials, the EndoBarrier has proven to be successful at reducing both weight and blood glucose levels of diabetic recipients. In a previous 12 month study, patients lost 3.5 stones (22 kilograms) on average, and 83% of patients were able to reduce their HbA1c level to under 7.0%. The procedure has allowed a significant percentage of participants to come off their diabetes medication, thereby helping to break a spiral of increasing medication and weight loss that is commonly endured by many diabetics .
The EndoBarrier can be worn for 6 months in the trial, after which patients will need to maintain discipline to prevent regaining of weight. The procedure should not be seen as a cure, however, it acts as an important step, providing momentum to keep sugar levels, medication and body weight down.
If you wish to apply to take part in the NHS trials, please email [email protected] or call 0800 096 2418.

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