More information emerges about diabetic Chilean miner

Chile’s health minister Jaime Mañalich reported that Jose Ojeda, the diabetic amongst the 33 miners, emerged with a normal blood sugar level of 5.4 mmols/l. He had slightly high blood pressure but this was stabilised shortly after the rescue.
Jose was one of the larger miners who were trapped and was given a special diet to help ensure he could fit into the tight rescue capsule, ‘Phoenix 2’. The diet appears to have worked well for Mr Ojeda. Dr Jorge Diaz was the doctor responsible for overseeing the health of the miners from the surface. During September, Dr Diaz noted that Jose’s diabetes was perhaps even “better than stable” and that on such a strict diet, Jose was feeling “better than ever”.
Reportedly the diabetes medication being supplied to Jose was indeed insulin, however, it has not yet been confirmed what type of diabetes he has.
The 46 year old Chilean hero has a reputation for being warm, caring and funny. It was he who wrote the note that notified those on the surface that all 33 trapped miners were alive and he’s been credited as being one of those who kept up the mood of the group.

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