New research into diabetes and sexual activity has found that older diabetes patients are as sexually active as non-diabetics, but many have unresolved sexual problems that can affect their quality of life. It was revealed that the majority of older adults that suffer from diabetes are still sexually active, but that the metabolic condition can cause intimacy problems for some.
The study, published in the journal Diabetes Care, showed that of the 1,993 people aged between 57 and 85 examined, almost 70 per cent of partnered men with diabetes and 62 per cent of partnered women with diabetes had sex two or three times each month, which is comparable to people of the same age without diabetes.
However, diabetic men were found to be more likely to lack interest in sex and to experience erectile dysfunction than men without diabetes. Diabetic men and women also reported a higher rate of orgasm problems.
Dr. Stacy Lindau, lead author of the study, said “Patients and doctors need to know that most middle-age and older adults with partners are still sexually active despite their diabetes. However, many people with diabetes have sexual problems that are not being addressed.”
Dr. Marshall Chi, who was senior author of the paper, added “Failure to recognize and address sexual issues among middle-age and older adults with diabetes may impair quality of life and adaptation to the disease. Sexual problems are common in patients with diabetes, and many patients are not discussing these issues with their physicians.”

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