A leading diabetes expert has claimed that pancreatic degeneration in children in developing countries that is caused by pollution can also eventually lead to insulin-dependent diabetes .
Dr A.K. Mandal, an Indian diabetologist and nephrologists, pointed out “Environmental factors such as pollution or a virus in the environment might affect the pancreas, leading to the increasing incidence of diabetes among the youth in developing countries. However, extensive culture studies need to be done to establish this.”
Mandal has found that high blood sugar levels for over 10 years will significantly harm the small blood vessels and cause major injuries to the body. He said ” Diabetics shouldn`t think that their life is doomed. They need to learn to live with the disease. They should work to ensure that the sugar level doesn`t increase, which would otherwise lead to complications.”
Mandal feels that doctors need to work harder to prevent diabetic and hypertension patients from developing kidney problems, especially by controlling sugar levels and diet therapy, rather than drugs that can adversely affect kidney function .
He also argued that an increase in salt intake in India is leading to more cases of high blood pressure, a risk factor for diabetes, and has also said that diabetes is the main cause of impotency in individuals, saying “Often patients and doctors are shy to talk about it but families break up because of this problem. It`s time that patients come out and talk about it so that they can receive treatment.”

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