A new study has found that the vaccine used against the flu virus can also reduce the chances of getting diabetes, strokes and asthma . Diabetics are encouraged to have the flu vaccine, since the virus can be a serious problem, especially as diabetes can make the immune system more vulnerable to severe cases of influenza . They are also nearly three times more likely to die from flu or pneumonia .
In addition, deaths among people with diabetes increase by 5–15 per cent during flu epidemics, and diabetics are six times more likely to be hospitalised with flu complications than those without the metabolic condition.
Recent research has also revealed that the influenza vaccine lowered the rate of first heart attack by 19 per cent, and a greater reduction in risk when people received their jabs early in the autumn.
The study reported “Our findings reinforce current recommendations for annual influenza vaccination of target groups, with a potential added benefit for prevention of acute myocardial infarction in those without established cardiovascular disease . This benefit may lead to an increase in suboptimal rates of vaccinatio, particularly among younger patients.”
There is thought to be a connection between heart attacks and respiratory infections, which usually rises in winter. Also, asthma can increase the risk of serious respiratory complications from the flu, which can lead to pneumonia and acute respiratory disease.

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