Diabetes drug for boosting insulin shows positive results in trials

The French pharma giant Sanofi has claimed that a new daily drug it has developed for patients with type 2 diabetes will offer benefits in helping boost their insulin levels. The drug, called lixisenatide but which will be sold under the brand name Lyxumia, which when taken with Lantus insulin can prove helpful for treating type 2 diabetes.
Lyxumia, one of the GLP-1 class of drug treatments which help to boost insulin when blood sugar levels in the body get too high, has recently received approval from the European Medicines Agency. The drug has not yet received in the United States, which Sanofi hope will be achieved over the next year.
Pierre Chancel, the senior vice president of Sanofi Diabetes, commented “These positive results show that once-daily lixisenatide in combination with Lantus could be an innovative therapeutic option for the treatment of uncontrolled type 2 diabetes.”
Recent analysis of lixisenatide found it had manageable side effects that included brief nausea and vomiting, with patients with managed glucose levels and higher after-meal HbA1c levels being prescribed the drug treatment. Once a 24-week trial was complete, HbA1c levels were shown to be reduced by an average of 6.96 per cent.

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