Diabetes drug from Lexicon Pharmaceuticals shows well in trials

Pharma giant Lexicon Pharmaceuticals has announced that a mid-stage trial for an oral dose of its experimental type 2 diabetes drug has shown promise in comparison with the liquid version.
The announcement, which helped to push up shares of the company, was based on tests that revealed a reduction in levels of blood sugar in tested patients from the pill, which could mean a follow-up mid-stage study could begin as soon as the second quarter of this year.
The study found that a double dose of the drug, called LX4211, was able to quickly reduce blood sugar levels, and that a single dose presented findings consistent with those shown in the previous mid-stage study.
A year ago it was reported that the diabetes drug was offering an improvement in glycemic control, which suggested a statistical significance in terms of the main and multiple secondary efficacy goals.
Lexico, which is based on Texas in the US, claimed that the trial showed the pill form of LX4211 helped to improve measures of blood sugar control, and also metabolic indicators. They pointed out improvements in post-prandial glucose that were consistent with findings reported in a previous mid-stage study on the liquid variety of the drug.

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