New diabetes simulator launched in the US

A new metabolic simulator for use by patients suffering from type 1 diabetes has been launched in the United States. The device, developed by the Epsilon Group, is intended to simulate the glucose dynamics of an individual or population and has been approved for testing treatment strategies involving the measurement of glucose levels and insulin injections.
The simulator is an in silico diabetes simulator, and has received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as an alternative for the pre-clinical animal testing of control strategies for type 1 diabetes.
The algorithm used by the technology is based on a simulated cohort of 300 children, adolescents and adults with type 1 diabetes, and uses a range of 26 parameters to mimic human metabolism at the individual level. The user picks a test scenario, involving diet, exercise and regimen for insulin injections, before entering a potential treatment strategy and selecting the test population for comparison.
Marc Breto, one of the developers of the technology, said “Once you have set these three parameters, the computer will crunch the reaction of the selected patient to the specific scenario and treatment strategy selected and compute a suite of outcome measures that have been usually associated with that type of trial.”
He added “The claim is that for any diabetic out there, we can find a simulated patient that totally resembles his or her reaction to glucose, insulin, and meals.”

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