Victoza shown to also benefit type 1 diabetes

The popular type 1 diabetes drug treatment Victoza could also benefit people suffering from the type 2 version of the condition, a recent study has announced. Research into the effects of Victoza has shown that it improves weight loss, reduces the amount of insulin needed and offers improved control over blood sugar levels for patients with well-controlled type 1 diabetes.
The clinical study, which revealed that, as well as needing less insulin and helping blood sugar control, those taking the drug over six months were able to lose an average of 10 pounds in weight, while those continuing the treatment for a whole year saw further improvements.
Receiving Victoza in addition to the insulin therapy also helped to prevent the peaks and troughs experienced in conventional insulin therapy.
Paresh Dandona, leader of the study, commented “It is a dramatic change. They can see that their unexpected and unpredictable oscillations of blood sugar are minimized. They also lost weight .”
He added “Over a protracted period of time, as their diabetes continues to be well controlled, there is delightful improvement in patients’ well-being .”
However, the study only involved 14 adults, who were effectively managing their type 1 diabetes with insulin using an insulin pump, who were given Victoza once a day, so further research is needed into its cross-over effects.

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