Diabetes charity warns about impact of new Health Bill

The charity Diabetes UK has warned that the major reforms planned for the NHS by the coalition government in the new Health and Social Care Bill, which is due to be debated in Parliament over the next few weeks, need to introduce more patient involvement and more joined-up healthcare .
They also argue that diabetes services need to be protected from the worst of the changes, and is raising awareness that more work needs to be done to ensure that crucial services are maintained.
The bill, which focuses on the way that health services are designed and delivered around the country, could bring different aspects of diabetes care under the aegis of different healthcare bodies, which may well have a detrimental impact on how diabetes patients are treated.
Although the charity argues that the emphasis in the bill on greater patient involvement is important, they say that requirements have to be improved in that respect for the changes to be implemented in a positive way.
Diabetes UK and other health charities are demanding that the NHS becomes more accountable to those who use it, and are asking supporters to contact their MP to express concern about the planned bill, and that it should offer greater help for people suffering from diabetes .

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