New diabetes sensor that uses tears developed

A new sensor for type 2 diabetes that tests for glucose based on a tear sample has been developed in the US, it has emerged. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona and Arizona State University have invented a new glucose sensor that it is hoped will improve the life of diabetics, as it does not depend on the traditional, more difficult finger prick test many times each day, but rather on using tear fluid from the eye.
It is claimed that this self-monitoring blood glucose test provides readings with a similar accuracy as a blood test . It is also recommended that diabetes patients manage their own blood glucose levels, so this new device will provide an accessible alternative.
Jeffrey T. LaBelle, of the School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering at Arizona State University, commented “This new technology might encourage patients to check their blood sugars more often, which could lead to better control of their diabetes by a simple touch to the eye.”
The researchers, whose findings were published last year in the Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, now need to compile the proper data set before seeking approval for the human testing of the device.

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