Diabetes patients in Scotland warned about need for foot checks

The health charity Diabetes UK Scotland has issued a timely warning that people suffering from both types of diabetes should ensure they undergo regular checks to assess the health of their feet.
They claim that up to a quarter of diabetes patients in Scotland face an increased risk of amputation because they are not having their feet checked, and that an annual foot check-up was necessary for people with more severe complications from the metabolic condition. Feet checks are one of the 15 diabetes measures that patients need to be aware of to help manage their condition.
Diabetes UK Scotland state that there are 10,292 diabetes patients in the country that suffer from ulcers due to diabetic foot disease, and that 11,293 people with type 1 diabetes and 45,665 with type 2 diabetes did not receive foot tests in 2010 to look for any problems.
Jane-Claire Judso, national director for the charity, commented “Over 10,000 people in Scotland have existing complications with their feet and over 1,200 people have lost a lower limb.”
She added “Diabetes UK Scotland sees the 15 measures as an important tool to make sure everyone diagnosed with diabetes in Scotland receives the best care possible.”

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