Organisers of the London 2012 Olympic Games have released information on the food and drink options that are available to people attending the Games.
The new Food Vision leaflet states that the organisers are committed to providing healthy, nutritious and affordable food options for all those attending, which is particularly good news for people with diabetes who need to watch what they eat and drink in order to control their blood sugar levels.
According to the leaflet, an extremely diverse range of food and drinks is on offer at London 2012 venues to cater for special dietary and cultural requirements. It adds that all food is clearly labelled and staff at the Games are trained and aware of possible needs.
In terms of available food, visitors can choose from a wide selection of British food that reflects the multicultural mix of dishes enjoyed by people across the UK. This includes everything from fish and chips, curries and roast chicken to seafood, cakes and desserts.
There is also a variety of food from countries and regions around the world, including Asia, the Caribbean and the Mediterranea, as well a great range of international sausages and street food .
In planning the menus, the organisers add that special consideration has been given to vegetarians, people following gluten-free diets, individuals requiring halal or kosher food, and food for children.
A wide variety of drinks are available, including still, sparkling, low and no sugar, 100 per cent juice, water, sports and energy drinks, to ensure people stay hydrated. Free water is also available inside the venues and visitors can take an empty water bottle with them to fill up, but bottles containing more than 100ml of liquid are not permitted inside Games venues.
The Food Vision leaflet also states that people with medical conditions such as diabetes can take their medication into events. However, it adds that these individuals should carry with them either a prescription or a letter from their GP.

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