Eli Lilly to double insulin production capacity over next 5 years

Eli Lilly has announced ambitious plans to double production capacity of insulin and insulin devices by 2017 in a bid to continue growing its diabetes portfolio.
But the global pharmaceutical company plans on boosting production without building any new manufacturing plants or increasing outsourcing.
Instead, it intends to increase output at existing sites by “implementing a process technology agenda” to standardise each plant, giving it them the capabilities to produce the full range of insulin in its portfolio and pipeline.
Speaking to, Kelley Murphy, director of communications at Lilly Diabetes, said: “We’re working towards a flexible model that will enable us to manufacture more in the same facility. This flexibility will translate into increased production and capacity.”
As well as increasing flexibility, the move will generate savings that are expected to drive margin improvements in the company’s insulin business. In fact, by removing the capital costs of new plants and reducing outgoings over time, Lilly bosses claim the move holds the same value as a blockbuster drug.

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