Asparagus may have anti-diabetic benefits

A new study published in the British Journal of Nutrition suggests that eating asparagus can help control type 2 diabetes.
Researchers from Karachi University in Pakistan found that regular consumption of the vegetable can keep blood sugar levels in check and increase insulin production in the body.
The findings come from research that involved diabetes-induced rats with low levels of insulin and high blood sugars . Half of the lab rats were fed an extract from the asparagus plant each day for a month, while the other half were treated with the type 2 diabetes drug glibenclamide .
Blood test results showed that low levels of the asparagus extract controlled blood glucose levels but did not improve insulin production. High doses did, however, boost production of the blood sugar-regulating hormone by the pancreas .
“This study suggests asparagus extract exerts anti-diabetic effects,” the authors said.
Their findings back previous research studies, which investigated the potential of asparagus in diabetes treatment.
In 2006, one study published in the British Medical Journal associated asparagus with an 81 per cent rise in glucose uptake by the body’s muscles and tissues.

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