People with type 2 diabetes in the Scottish Borders are being encouraged to take part in an NHS-backed project designed to improve fitness levels and overall health .
Under the Take 2 pilot schemen, personal trainers from Borders Sport and Leisure help type 2 diabetics create exercise and diet plans aimed at enabling them to manage their condition without the need for anti-diabetic medication.
“Take 2 is an innovative approach to tacking the challenges faced by type 2 diabetes suffers in managing their condition,” said Ewan Jackso, Chief Executive of Borders Sport and Leisure, which runs many of the sports and leisure facilities/programmes in the Scottish Borders.
“It is great to have our personal trainers put their skills to use in such a potentially life changing way.”
Developed in association with a consultant physician, the project has received NHS backing from The Borders Diabetes Managed Clinical Network.
If the pilot proves to be successful in improving self-management of type 2 diabetes, it may be extended to other areas within the region.
Jackson added: “As an organisation we are keen to push forward initiatives that help to remove the barriers to exercise for members of the community and encourage people to live healthy, active lives.
“We hope that other fitness professionals will be inspired by this project and would encourage anyone seeking more information on the initiative to get in touch.”

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