Free health checks are being offered to MPs attending the Labour Party conference in Manchester to see if they are at risk of diabetes and raise awareness of the disease.
Members of charity organisation Diabetes UK have been busy assessing the type 2 diabetes risk of politicians over the last three days.
Those deemed to be at high risk have been urged to visit their GP for further tests and advice, and encouraged to lose weight by making changes to their lifestyle, such as spending more time exercising and eating healthily.
MPs, councillors and party supporters have also been warned of the risks facing their communities. According to Diabetes UK, an estimated 4,700 people in Manchester alone have type 2 diabetes but are unaware of their condition.
“We really want decision makers, across the board, to understand how serious diabetes is and what they can do to help stop this growing problem,” Helen Pyper, public affairs manager at Diabetes UK, said.
“It is only if decision makers across the political spectrum start giving diabetes the priority it deserves that we will see a serious approach to Type 2 prevention and better healthcare for those who have the condition.”
She added: “As well as our risk assessments letting them know if they are at high risk of Type 2 diabetes, we hope they will also put the issue of diabetes higher up the political agenda.”

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