A diabetic pensioner has hit out at the NHS after he was told that he would not be provided with a replacement for his broken diabetes testing monitor due to the cost of the machine.
Ron Jenkins, 75, from Wymeswold, Leicestershire, said he has always been provided with a home testing kit since being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1988. These ‘home-based’ kits are used to help patients check their blood sugar levels and ensure their condition is under control.
However, Mr Jenkins said has been unable to test his blood sugar levels for the past five days after his latest machine broke down.
After explaining the problem to his diabetes specialist nurse, he was initially told that a replacement machine would be organised. But the nurse then phone backed to say NHS Leicestershire County and Rutland would not allow it to be dispatched because of the cost.
Mr Jenkins, who struggles to leave his Wymeswold home because of his type 1 condition, said: “I knew the machine I was using wasn’t giving the right results. I noticed the readings were the same every day, which isn’t right. They should fluctuate, even if only slightly.”
He said the faulty equipment has led to him suffering “two or three” hypos (drops in blood glucose levels ) attacks, which can be very dangerous.
“This is a blatant case of lack of care in the community because of the cost,” the former councilor added.
“I have been in touch with the primary care trust (PCT) but the person I spoke to said they would have to speak to someone and would call back. No one did call me back…I have heard nothing.”
When quizzed on the issue, a spokesman for the PCT said: “We acknowledge the serious nature of this case. “The PCT is working closely with the GP practice and the individual to ensure the matter is resolved as quickly as possible and without further delay for the patient.”

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