A new campaign is to get underway this week in a bid to help ensure more people with diabetes get the right standard of care they need to keep their condition under control.
The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommends that all people with diabetes receive nine health checks each year to help manage their condition. But figures show that almost half of the 3 million-plus people diagnosed with diabetes in the UK fail to get all nine of these vital checks.
To make sure people with diabetes know what care they are entitled to, an advertising campaign has been launched by Diabetes UK, which will highlight the 15 Healthcare Essentials that the charity believes every person with diabetes deserves and should expect.
Based on the NICE-recommended standards of care, the 15 Healthcare Essentials include things like measuring blood glucose control, cholesterol and blood pressure, and checking for foot problems, which are important for helping people with diabetes maintain good health and avoid serious complications such as heart disease, stroke and amputation.

The 15 essential checks and services, which are aimed at helping diabetics influence their own care, will be set out in adverts in 474 GP surgeries, 185 pharmacies, 20 hospitals and 16 dentists across England and Scotland.
“Everyone is entitled to the care set out in our 15 Healthcare Essentials but unfortunately we know that too many people are not getting it. We want to make sure people are aware of the care they should be getting and these adverts will help raise awareness of this,” said Barbara Young, Chief Executive of Diabetes UK.
“We hope that engaging with people with diabetes in their doctor’s waiting room will reinforce just how important it is for them to get all their checks and prompt them to ask their healthcare professional for further help if they don’t think they are getting the support they are supposed to get and which they need to help them manage their condition.”

For more information on the 15 Healthcare Essentials, visit diabetes.org.uk/15-essentials

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